These are Seminars for Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers NOT for Chiropractors (PTAs & OTAs Not Allowed). These seminars teach Physical Therapy Spinal Manipulation

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Learn Spinal Manipulation is a weekend course designed to equip the practicing clinician with spinal manipulative skills that are safe and effective.

This course offers hands on training to equip the attendee with safe and effective HVLA Thrust Manipulation that can be used in a clinical setting the next day. It is designed to add to, not replace, the skill set each clinician has in his or her training and experience. Expect a fun and educational weekend!


Manipulation was an integral part of Jason’s DPT program and he continued to further his knowledge and skills during his Manual Therapy Certification. He has used spinal and extremity manipulation, along with dry needling, as crucial elements of his daily practice. Jason has been trained by many instructors, from a variety of fields, including staff from the Golden State Warriors and various NHL teams, and has used information gleaned from all of them in attempt to perfect the intricate art of manipulation.


The ultimate objective of this seminar is for the attendee to leave the weekend with five manipulative techniques to utilize in each area of the spine. This requires most of the seminar to be spent in hands-on practice. In order for this to occur, we always keep our courses small to enhance one on one training with the instructor. There is an emphasis on safety at all times. We will also cover controversies, relative and absolute contraindications, craniovertebral instability and vascular concerns.

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Dware Bronco 5“We only have one body and no matter the occupation, you must protect it. Check out Ken’s seminar and see why I trust him with mine.” DeMarcus Ware, NFL

At the conclusion of this seminar the learner will be able to :

• Explain the efficacy of spinal manipulation (SM) for various clinical presentations
• Be knowledgeable of current literature reviews regarding safety concerns and controversies with SM.
• Identify risk factors involved with SM using clinical evaluation procedures in addition to radiographic, magnetic resonance and videofluoroscopic studies.
• Demonstrate craniovertebral instability evaluation procedures.
• Demonstrate vertebrobasilar evaluation procedures and discuss the controversy of using these procedures.
• Demonstrate a clear understanding of craniocervical artery dissection.
• List multiple physiological effects of SM.
• Demonstrate at least five safe and effective cervical SM techniques.
• Demonstrate at least five safe and effective thoracic and costovertebral SM techniques.
• Demonstrate at least five safe and effective lumbosacral SM techniques.
• Discuss absolute and relative contraindications of SMT.
• Identify appropriate inclusions of informed consent.

Learn Spinal Manipulation Seminar Level 1

Approved for PTs, & ATs only (PTAs & OTAs Not Allowed)

Seminar Timings – Saturday 8am – 6pm / Sunday 8am – 3pm

DateSeminar LocationInstructorRegistration
July 20-21st
Akron, OHJason Schuster$595
August 24-25,
San Antonio, TX
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Jason Schuster

September 7-8,
Fort Mill, SC
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Jason Schuster

October 19-20 Big Bend, WI Jason Schuster $595

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We are currently doing Private Courses for Clinics, Universities, etc..  So if you have a minimum of 10 participants,  let us know and we can arrange a weekend for you. Please also provide us your location info, city, Nearest Int. Airport & State.

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Absolutely one of the best CEU Course I have experienced. I personally have attended over 500 hours of hands-on CEU Courses and I truly believe this will be one of the experiences that provides me with the best possible tool. Daniel Bishop’s teaching methodology of Applicable skills may be one of the finest  and integrated learning experiences an individual can experience. I look forward to future presentations and will absolutely sign up for Advanced Learning..Bryce Ready, AT

Great Course ! Excellent Manual Techniques taught by Dr. Bishop. Very Interactive & Hands-On approach. Strong written resources also provided. I would highly recommend this course.  Sean McClafferty, DPT, IPM

Daniel clearly has mastered his spinal manipulation skills and is extra ordinary in being able to demonstrate and share his knowledge, all of his experiences and patient cases that help defend all of his skills. I admire the therapists that are able to work with Daniel in the clinic and learn from him .  Nicole Swartz, MSPT, MCMT

Great introductory course given by an instructor with vast experience.  The laid-back style and teaching approach made it very easy and comfortable to jump in on largely hands-on training . I would highly recommend this course.  Lior Abraham, PT

This class was awesome.  A lot of hands on learning and partner practice.  Gives you a lot of insight into spinal mechanics and how to provide relief with Grade V techniques.  The class provided a lot of information to take with me so I can practice and improve my technique. Wendy Norris,  MS, LAT, ATC

Loved the course.  The instructor was a wealth of knowledge and entertained with life and clinical experiences in a very relaxed atmosphere.  Made me feel confident in having tools I need to begin to incorporate Grade V techniques treatment.  Thank you for a great course.  Raul Aguilar, PT, DPT, CMTPT

This course took my knowledge of HVLA and expanded it greatly.  It gave me confidence to apply it with greater efficacy and safety.  Mark Squires, ATC

The instructor does a great job of presenting a systematic approach to safely applying Grade V’s from occiput to pelvis.  This is a highly hands-on course with excellent instruction.  He helped improve efficacy but also helped us learn to adapt and modify techniques when necessary.  I acquired a ton of new techniques I’m excited to implement!  Mike Napierala, PT, SCS, CSCS, FAFS

I would recommend this course due to the simplified approach. All Grade V moves seem difficult at first but the amount of hands on practice and one on one feedback from instructor make for a quick progression as opposed to an overly academic approach.  Peter Zatezalo, DPT

This course instilled a great deal of confidence and knowledge in my ability to expand spinal manipulation into treatment. My previous hesitancy has been abolished!  Thanks. Andrew J Neumeister, DPT, CAFS

I felt like I got more “go to” techniques than I have at other manipulation courses.  Other courses focused on doing exactly like the instructor.  This focused on concepts.  K.L. PT, DPT, ATC

The instructor presents manipulation techniques in a way that is immediately easy to learn and replicate.  He breaks it down into components that can be applied to every manipulative technique.  D.L.P, PT, MS, CEAS

Great course to freshen up or learn many new manipulative techniques for hands-on clinicians.  I’m leaving with new skills I had previously not learned in in school or other courses.  Trae Travis, PT, DPT

This course was fantastic.  As a therapist who currently does not have a lot of experience with manipulation, this course covered all concepts and expanded my therapeutic knowledge.  The instructor was great and very hands-on.  My skill, knowledge and confidence have improved as well as my technique and focus for improved patient outcomes.  I highly recommend this course. K.R. PT, DPT

I had performed grade V techniques in the past but was only successful about 50% of the time.  I now feel more confident to continue practicing with better technique that’s more comfortable for both myself and the patient.  Hallie Afentakis, PT, DPT

This class offered hands-on learning for a variety of HVLA techniques for the entire spine that I can put into clinical practice Monday morning.  There were various modifications shown and clear, thorough instruction that was easy to follow.  Useful constructive feedback was given consistently throughout the course that will help me continue to improve my skills as a manual therapist.  Courtney Bumgarner, PT, DPT

I highly recommend this course.  I came in as a new grad with little manipulation experience and now I have the skills and knowledge needed to begin growing in this technique.  This course exceeded my needs and expectations. Kelsey M., PT, DPT

The instructor is very knowledgeable in spinal manipulation.  He also made the seminar comfortable, laid back and in no way made us feel inferior himself or our classmates. We spent the majority of our time in hands-on practice which was extremely beneficial in grasping the techniques.  I would recommend this seminar to clinicians who want to understand and integrate manipulation into their clinical setting.   Travis Veatch, MBA-HC, ATL/C

This course will give you some manipulation tools that you can immediately use your next day of practice!  Michael Ressler

This course was very non-threatening.  The instructor does not intimidate you with his knowledge and is extremely encouraging.  He helps you understand how to use these techniques in a safe and effective manner.  M.A. M., M Ed, ATL/C

This course gave me a great foundation to stand on in furthering my manipulative skills.  The instructor does a GREAT job of being very realistic and transparent in his teaching approach.  He greatly helped increase my confidence as a manipulator.  J.L.W.

This instructor is fantastic! He is REAL and down to earth but also very knowledgeable and clinically proficient.  His hands-on approach is easy to learn and retain.  I would recommend this course to any clinician looking for more tools to aid athletes in recovery.  Michael, J. Brobston, M Ed, LAT, ATC

I began the class lacking much manipulative experience.  The instructor’s knowledge, experience, demeanor, patience and supportive/positive attitude were extremely instrumental for my ability to begin using manipulation more.  His interaction with the class enabled significant hands-on practice for the entire two days. He helped every individual in the class with every single technique which also increased my confidence level.  Thank you.  Jill Radzinski, ATC

I highly recommend this course! The instructor was very knowledgeable and helped me to become more confident in my skills.  E.N. Miley, ATC

This course was great because of the small class size.  Whenever I needed one on one feedback he was great at encouragement and improving my technique.  I feel more confident utilizing spinal manipulation now.  Erica Albertin, ATC

Spinal Manipulation Level 1 was a great intro into spinal manipulation.  My concerns in regards to utilizing manipulation were addressed in detail.  I am excited to continue practicing these skills and incorporating them into my daily practice.  Alli Zeigel, AT

I would definitely recommend this course because the approach to core concept principles made the techniques easier to grasp.  Excellent level of knowledge and instruction from the instructor was helpful.  Heather Cramer, MS, ATC

This course not only teaches excellent manipulative skills, it also helps one to develop a greater understanding of what it is, what it is for and what it is NOT for.  Robert W. Cox

I would recommend this course to my colleagues. It presents spinal manipulation in a great format with a great deal of instructor feedback and encouragement. The style of teaching definitely promotes confidence.  Joshua D. Williamson, MS, LAT, ATC

I would strongly recommend this course to colleagues because I feel having manipulative skills will increase the clinician’s ability to incorporate additional treatment options for their patients.  He was an amazing instructor.  Thank you!  Evelyn Benitez-Lopez

Highly recommended for all clinicians wanting to enhance their manual therapy spine skills.  I have been a clinician for over 20 years and appreciate a course that provides hands-on practice and refinement time of skills.  Information can be used the next day in clinic.  Dennis A. Thomas, PT, DPT, OCS, MAA

I would recommend it because it is a great addition to treatment for clinicians that are trained and confident enough to include it in their practice.  Sean Tilley, M Ed, ATC

Allows you to dive into learning spinal manipulation in a time efficient manner.  Also learned advanced techniques for the entire spine.  Timothy J. Lutkins, PT

I would recommend this course if for nothing else the evaluation tips! The instructor does a great job of explaining what you are feeling or should feel along the entire spine.  I feel much more comfortable with the spine in general after this course.  Dani Klein, ATC

Great extra tool for patient care and management.  I highly recommend this course.  A must for anyone interested in spinal rehab.  John Robert Weeks

I really enjoyed this course.  I truly feel more confident in my skills and manual therapy abilities. Tiff Haub, MS, ATC

I’ve attended several manual therapy courses over 27 years of practice but instructor has been far superior explaining and giving valuable feedback.  R. Keith Ganey, PT, DPT, SCS, ATC

This was a great hands-on learning experience.  The instructor took the time to go around and work with each individual.  He made us feel comfortable and confident with these techniques.  I also appreciate the offer to help later down the road if we are having difficulty with any techniques he taught.  B.W., MS, ATC

Great introductory course for clinicians wanting to apply basic manipulative techniques—especially to the cervical spine.  It allowed me to become less fearful and more confident in my ability to practice this on my own.  The availability of all the resources after the course is invaluable. James Silvestri, PT

The instructor was very hands-on and plain spoken.  He cut through the fluff and went to the meat of manipulation.  Charles Hollier, PT

Daniel Bishop provided techniques that can easily be implemented in the clinic the next day. Very useful. Al Casini PT

This was a great intro course. Opened up a new world. Came away confident with new techniques learned. Looking forward to practicing them as well as my advanced courses to follow. Joseph Scarcella, M.S. A.T.C

The course was made very simple for entry-level PT’s ‘however’ if I had an advance question Dr. Bishop would answer all of them. Nicholas Nguyen PT, DPT

Ken makes manipulation easy to learn in a fun, low-pressure environment. The techniques are versatile for any patient population. I liked the limited number of techniques so we weren’t overwhelmed with material. I liked the small group so individual feedback from the instructor was plentiful. K. M., PT, MTC

Ken did a great job discussing and demonstrating safety and manipulation. I left the course believing I can learn to perform Grade Vs in a safe manner. Travis Stueve, MS, LAT, CSCS

Nice course. Good start to being more aware and comfortable with manipulation. Thanks Ken! M.S., PT, OCS

This was a good review of some of the techniques I learned in school with some good variations that I can integrate into practice. I liked the thought process of the instructor. Jonathan K Marker, MPT

Great course for introducing manipulation in a step by step process. Ryan Myhre, DPT, ATC, OCS, CSCS

This was a great course to further the understanding and utilization of manipulation. If you are looking for a class to work on your skills from C spine to sacrum this is the perfect course for you. Great course! K.H., PT

Excellent manipulation course. This is the third manipulation course and it is by far the best. Lots of hands-on lab time and timely feedback from the instructor. We got right in and started doing! D Bruce Murri, MPT, CMP

I had been performing lumbar and thoracic manipulation for years. My main goal was to learn cervical. I not only learned cervical but also how to improve the comfort and reliability of my current lumbar and thoracic manipulations. Very glad I attended this course. Curtis Mason, DPT

I appreciated the focus on hands-on practice of these skills.This course improved my skills considerably. C.P., PT, MSPT, OCS, COMT

Great course! One of the best I’ve taken, allowing me to immediately feel comfortable with my manipulation skills on Monday. I’m excited to help some of the more difficult and challenging cases. Aaron Knox, PT, MS

This was a great course. I got just exactly what I was looking for. That was more confidence in cervical and correction of other techniques I was having difficulty with. The smaller class size allowed more one on one instruction. Ken taught in basic, easy to understand terms and concepts. I would highly recommend this course. Thanks, Ken! Jeffery Thomason, PT, OCS

Well worth the money. Too many “instructors” regurgitate research (or try to) degrade others instead of teaching. This course is highly hands-on and relevant. Ken’s teaching style is fluid. Peter Faletto, PT
As an athletic trainer working with Division I collegiate gymnastics, I know the skills and techniques I learned in this course will be incredibly beneficial. Ken did a wonderful job giving one-on-one attention with each individual and providing creative improvisations to adapt manipulation techniques to fit specific situations. He provided a laid-back atmosphere with no pressure but lots of knowledge.
Stephanie Gross, MA, ATC

This course was a home run for me. Ken’s method of teaching made perfect sense. I have lost my fear of cervical manipulation! If you are looking for a manipulation class, this is the course for you. I can immediately start using the techniques. The course had excellent hands-on practice and instruction.
Michael Rende, OTR

I came into the class worried about hurting someone. I was unsure about pressure, speed and contacts. I have more confidence and I am better prepared to utilize manipulation now.
Seth Lawrence, PT, DPT

This course was great. Great hands-on learning and time to practice skills. Great way to get the basics of manipulation. I came to the course to take away a little but now see where manipulation is very useful in my setting. GREAT JOB!
Eli Zucksworth, ATC

I came to the course with no prior formal training in manipulation. I now feel I am able to utilize manipulation on Monday and like the resources and videos for my regular review. This course provides a safe and effective approach to manipulation.
David Hudspeth, PT

This was a great course. I am less intimidated and more confident with manipulation techniques. The format of the course was very good with hands-on training and a lot of excellent feedback from Ken.
Sonia Flores, PT

This was a great course to get right to the nuts and bolts of manipulation. Techniques that can be taken right from the classroom to the clinic. A great course for clinicians who have not had prior experience treating with manipulation. I loved that the group was small because of the amount of individual help and feedback I received.
Kelly Twohey-Byrne, PT

This was my first continuing ed course as a new graduate. I am amazed at how much I was able to learn in two days. I can’t believe I was able to learn so many techniques in such a short time. This course opened me up to new ideas and new treatment approaches. I can’t wait to return to the clinic! Ken is a very positive person created a relaxed atmosphere with lots of time to practice. I would absolutely take another course from him.
Jennifer Arnold, PT, DPT

Easy learning environment. Great positive feedback. Plenty of hands on. Flexible ideas and ways to perform technique based on patient and therapist size. No pressure. Confidence builder. Great course for me.
Mandy Smith, PT

I liked the amount of time and interaction with the instructor. The small class size helped us all. There was no pressure but LOTS of knowledge from the instructor. Plus he encouraged sharing from all attendees so I was able to learn from them as well. I loved the multiple techniques for each spinal area. Really a very good course.
Bret McGuire, DPT

“This course gave me a wonderful array of techniques that I can put into practice on Monday! Ken is both knowledgeable and entertaining and the weekend flew by. I enjoyed this course so much and learned so much I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their clinical practice.”
Kim Durst, PT

“This was a great introduction course to advanced spinal manipulation without getting you bogged down with unnecessary details!”

“Easy to learn techniques. Involved great feedback to learn from. Immediate results and techniques to take to work next week.”

“Ken has 33 years of clinical experience. Enough said. Take the course!”
Mike Kelly, PT, DPT, DSc, OCS, COMT

“I love how Ken gave me a few moves but lots of variation so I could understand and not get overwhelmed. Ken is extremely knowledgeable and fabulous at what he does. Thank you, Ken! Keep up the great work.”
D Meeks, ATC

“This was a GREAT course to introduce manipulation. I feel I have learned solid techniques that I can continue to practice and introduce into patient care.”
R Mazur, PT

“This course gave me great information to improve my techniques. I enjoyed how much hands-on it was! Thanks, Ken for answering all my many questions convincingly.”
B Mangcoy, PT

“The most important thing after taking this course is I believe I can SAFELY manipulate my patients!”
E Kaiwowska PT

“Manipulation can be intimidating and scary to apply in practice. Ken was able to translate his experience as a chiropractor AND a PT to ease your worries about manipulation and demonstrate how manipulation is an effective tool in patient care. I am very happy and excited to go to work tomorrow!”
C Lingle, PT

“This was one of the best courses I have taken. Ken made the environment very comfortable for learning and I feel very confident to use these techniques tomorrow in the clinic. I would do this class again in a heartbeat!”
M Mazur, PT

“Enjoyed learning multiple techniques that could be used for spinal manipulation. Excellent Therapist to instructor ratio which is crucial in becoming proficient in any manual techniques.”

“I have always been fearful of using Grade 5 techniques. Ken has made me feel much more comfortable.”

”This was my 1st introduction to manipulation. Only thing I had done before was mobilization. It definitely expanded my knowledge base and introduced new and exciting new Rx approach.”

”I believe you can not fully treat your patient, or state that you are an expert in muscle bones and nerves unless you know how to manipulate”

”Outstanding Course! I now highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to take their manual therapy skills to the next level. ”

“Combining the manipulation throughout the process with some extra manual technique makes me skilled to handle almost any patient well we can give.“

“Before taking this course I would not have had manipulation in my treatment. Now I feel like I could include certain manipulations in treatment.”

“A great hands-on course really increased my confidence with HVLA’s at all levels. Ken (Dr. Cooper) gives a variety of options to use so I feel well equipped for treating the variety of patients I see.”

This is the best course I have ever had for preparing me to sue the skills in the clinic on Monday morning. Dr. Cooper is very skillful at assessing participants techniques and teaching adjustments.”

“Ken Cooper has a great experience coming from PT and chiro background. GREAT COURSE!”

“Very thorough hand on course that utilizes multiple treatment positions for each dysfunction. Dr. Ken Cooper emphasizes pt. comfort, and therapist positioning and relaxation to make treatment more effective.”

“This is the best course I have ever taken for preparing me to use the skills on Monday morning. Ken is very skillful at assessing participant’s techniques and teaching manipulation.”
E. Lee, PT

“This was a great hands-on course! It really increased my confidence with HVLA’s at all levels. Ken gives a variety of options to use and I feel well equipped for my patients.”
R. Wright, PT

“Great class taught by a very experienced clinician.  Enjoyed being taught by Ken.”
S. Robles, PT

“I have taken 3 manual therapy classes before this course.  The was the most simple to apply.  A very hands-on course that is easy to start on my patients this week.”
P. Magee, PT, DPT, CEEAA

“I’ve taken at least 5 SMT classes and entered this class lacking confidence in doing C-spine manips.  I FINALLY feel I’ve overcome my hurdles and can do it.  I’m ready for Monday.”
J. Medell, DPT

“The hands-on aspect of the course was very helpful, the instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful to make sure we all feel comfortable with the techniques.”
J. Craner, DPT

“Ken really knows his stuff and gets his points across very well. Excellent job!”
Dan Garr,PT 

“It was truly a hands-on course. Ken effectively combines a week’s worth of instruction and information into a clear presentation over two days. It was simple but powerful.”
J. Napolitano PT

“I have always had my doubts about manipulation until I took this course. Now I feel comfortable trying these techniques knowing how to safely apply them. I can’t wait to begin using them.”
W. Bauer PT

“I think this is a great course for any therapist to take. I now feel able to do joint manipulation and this will really help patients improve their pain and function.”
P. Bauer PT

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and got an excellent base to begin using spinal manipulation in my practice. Ken is a patient instructor and helps each participant according to their skill level.
Hal Krenkel, DPT

I have taken manipulation courses previously and Ken’s manipulation course has taken my manual skills to another level. I can confidently treat with immediate results. A must-have course for serious manual therapists.
Chris Herrera, DPT, CSCS

This course teaches you to be very specific with your manipulation. Ken is very approachable and is very clear with his instructions and demonstrations.
Carlton Cole, PT

I have taken manipulation courses before that was overpopulated with attendees. Ken’s course kept the concepts simple and easy to understand. He was receptive to ideas and attendees opinions. His low instructor to student ratio made learning manipulation more personal. My confidence in manipulation has improved exponentially in the one-weekend course.
Timothy Taylor, PT

This course was everything I hoped it would be. There was plenty of lab time and Ken was amazing. I highly recommend this course!
Sharif Tabbah, DPT, CSCS

I have always heard a lot of negative feedback about spinal manipulation; however, after this course, I have an entirely different perspective and an amazing concept of its importance! I am excited to help my patients and to add to my knowledge as a therapist.
L Mendez

This course helped me understand manipulation in an easier way.  It was amazing! Ronald Samaniego, PT, DPT

I had a great experience.  Understood the basic steps of having effective but safe manipulation of the spine.  Duro Ojetayo, PT

This was a great introductory course for Grade V mobilization. It did a great job laying the groundwork to practice and work on implementation in the future.  It wasn’t overly technical but gave an incredible amount of information.  Joel Luedke, ATC

Ken’s course gave me the tools I was looking for to comfortably introduce spinal manipulation to my ortho practice.  Can’t wait to go home and get started.  Matt Moritz, PAC, ATC

Great course! I feel a lot more confident using manipulation for my cervical patients. E.Y., DPT

This course was very hands-on.  I also got a lot of positive reinforcement and guidance while making small corrections in the direction of the force and/or hand placement.  It made the class very UNintimidating and approachable.  Sheena Cook-Fuglsang, ATC

This is a great course that takes Grade IV to Grade V in a way that gains confidence right away.  There is a freedom of being able to do it the way that works best instead of making me conform to a strict textbook approach. We got hands-on right away with great instructor feedback.E.,PT

Excellent small class size so I could really learn!  Deborah Cuper, DPT, CLT, Cert DN

Ken guides you into feeling comfortable with manipulation. I love the small class size so he could help you.  Manipulation doesn’t seem so scary now. Thank you.  K.T., PT, DPT

Ken presented core concepts of manipulation in a non-threatening and user friendly manner that increased my confidence and effectiveness.  I will be able to immediately apply these tools in the clinic tomorrow.  Pat Schuh, ATC

Thank you for a good course! Especially techniques for CTJ and costotransverse.  K Ewalt, ATC

I like how much hands-on was in the course. It was a great way to expand one’s confidence with manual techniques.  P.F., PT, DPT

Ken was extremely knowledgeable and was easy to talk to.  He got straight to the point with treatments and didn’t waste unnecessary time.  He showed a variety of different techniques to get the same joint to cavitate.  E.J., PT, DPT

Ken is an excellent speaker and observer that can help through any difficulties.  He is extremely knowledgeable in everything there is to know about spinal manipulation.  G.D., PT, DPT

Great seminar.  I now understand and feel confident in performing manipulation and I’m sure my patients will benefit and appreciate.  Ken was great.  Andres Zapata, PT

I have 25 years of experience, multiple degrees, and MTC.  I have been to lots of courses.  This is the best in practical application. Ken is knowledgeable, skilled and approachable.  Frank Layman PT, DPT, EdD, MTC

Great hands-on experience. The instructor does not talk down to the participants.  Great one on one teaching.  Objective and science-based.  Professor Jose E Rivera, ATC

This is an excellent introductory course for clinicians to understand the basics of spinal manipulation.  An excellent way to improve hands-on feel for any grade of mobilization or manipulation.  Eric Waters, MS, ATC, PES, CES

This course was great. It provided a hands-on experience and many practical techniques.  Each student was given personal attention and instruction by the instructor.  K.S., PT, ATC

This course will change how you feel about spinal manipulation.  You will learn techniques from an expert without unnecessary wasted time on prolonged lectures.  A.A., PT, DPT, COMS, Cert DN

Through this course ken has broken down the fundamentals of manipulation. His teaching style allowed all levels to work and learn with each other. I feel more confident in treating my athletes with hypermobile joints.  K.M. MS, LAT, ATC

Great hands-on learning course.  If you want instant tools to use safely with confidence learn from Ken! D. Brian Belfield, PT, DPT

This course efficiently instructed on what appears to be the most useful manipulations in the clinical setting.  Feel confident to use the safety on Monday.  Marcie Schwartz, MPT

Ken’s teaching style—relaxed—really helps relieve the stress of doing cervical manipulation.  I loved the amount of practice we got to put in.  Catherine Whitney, DPT

This course has really helped me boost my knowledge and confidence with manipulation, something I have always struggled with since PT school.  Thank you! Delin Varghese, PT, DPT

I was somewhat nervous prior to this course but Ken does a great job of explaining precautions and contraindications and techniques to make you feel more confident. J.B., PT

Ken did a great job of bridging the gap between his licenses of PT and DC.  This course is something for everyone from the novice manipulator to the expert because Ken is a practicing clinician.  Therese McNerney, DPT

I definitely recommend this course to any clinician interested in manual/manipulative skills or therapy.  Ken is a great instructor who understanding very simple. David Laif Haught, DPT, LMT, AT

This course GREATLY decreased my fear of manipulating and hurting someone. Confidence soared! P.W., PT

The course exceeded my expectations. For most clinicians, manipulation is often self-taught.  Ken does a great job of introducing techniques the individual clinician can adapt to their own clinical style instead of “this way or no way.” Rick Guter, ATC, PT

This course was great for newbies of manipulation as well as those needing to brush up on their skills. During this course, I was able to correct certain technique to enable myself to be more successful in manipulation. Certain techniques have been difficult for me to utilize but now I can! Lisa O’Brien PT, DPT

Great hands-on opportunity to get hands-on advanced manual therapy skills.  Plenty of time to practice skills and demonstrate competence in manipulation.  Ken teaches well and can compartmentalize the steps of manipulation to help anyone gain greater understanding and skill. S.W., PT, ATC

This course revitalized my skills and confidence in manipulation.  The instructor simplifies the techniques in an easy format to learn and implement.  I definitely recommend this course.  Tom Palya PT, CSCS

Hands on is the best way to learn and there was plenty of this. I liked all the ways we were shown how to modify and manipulation when needed. The instructor is very knowledgeable.  He did a wonderful job helping me overcome my fears. Carolyn Holland, MS, ATC

Ken’s ability to provide equal attention to everyone’s needs was outstanding.  I feel after this course I can immediately hit the ground running and implement these techniques.  I highly recommend the course to anyone who wants to safely learn or even brush up on their manipulation skills.  Wes Brown, LAT, ATC, PES, CES

I was very nervous coming into this course which seemed dominated by men. I’m female, petite and not exactly strong.  But Ken made the effort to show alternate ways to perform techniques so they would work for me. I would definitely take this course again!  Melissa Escobar, MSPT

I liked the one on one time with Ken.  He kept the number of attendees down to 16.  I’ve been to manipulation courses with 60 participants. J.W. PT

The overall information and one on one interaction made the course very valuable to me. Great course.  It will help improve all aspects of rehab in my sports medicine world.  Justin Walker, MS, ATC, LAT

One of the best instructors I’ve ever had. Richard Patrick Bullard

This course explained very well what manipulation actually is compared to “myths” and speculations you hear in the medical field.  So many good one on one opportunities with partners and instructor.  This is so important in the medical profession where hands-on practice is essential. Great course for both PT’s and ATC’s.  C.G. M.Ed., ATC, LAT

Excellent breakdown of various techniques that are easily applied to many different segments. I liked the smaller class, more supervision and more hands on.  Wayne Whittle, PT

This course is a gem for newbies (they can learn and open their eyes), moderately experienced (like me) who know some things and to be able to do more and veteran clinicians (who can hone their skills).  After taking this course I am able to help more patients in a shorter period of time. V Bocharova, DPT, CSCS

Thanks for sharing your expertise and allowing me to recognize a great sense of confidence for manual therapy. Jim Bacon, PT, MS

Ken is a great teacher, very open minded with positive feedback on proper techniques as well as approachable and knowledgeable regarding questions and problems areas I had.  I believe through this weekend he increased my confidence and ability with performing these techniques.  Todd Santore, DPT

I’ve always been tentative with spinal techniques until I attended this class.  Ken has shown me the most practical and safest way to proceed.  Rene Luna, PT

This was a great introductory course.  It is the first of its kind I have taken.  It was made as basic as it could be but we still learned multiple techniques from only a few setup positions.  Ben Wood, MS, ATC, LAT, CSCS

The most important thing after taking this course is I believe I can SAFELY manipulate my patients!
E Kaiwowska PT