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What is Our Course?

PT CEULearn Spinal Manipulation is a weekend course designed to equip the practicing manual clinician with spinal manipulative skills that are safe and effective.

This course offers hands-on training to equip the attendee with safe and effective HVLA Thrust techniques that can be used in a clinical setting the next day.  It is designed to add to, not replace, the skill set each manual clinician has acquired in his or her training and experience.

There will be an emphasis on safety that oftentimes prevents us from wanting to use HVLA Thrust techniques on patients.  Discussions will include precautions, contraindications, and craniocervical arterial dissections.  Informed consent will be addressed as well.

Our Seminar allows our students to learn multiple manipulative techniques, in various positions, for each individual region of the spine. From the subcranial spine to the sacrococcygeal articulation, our students will leave the course with confidence in providing manipulative techniques for their patients safely, confidently and effectively.

Radiographic and MRI evaluation will also be covered to improve our practitioner’s clinical judgment skills, to ensure maximal safety while performing in the classroom and in the clinic.

So if you’ve been wanting to take the next step between mobilization and manipulation and are looking for an instructional course that is mainly hands-on, this is for you. If you’re already using manipulation on a limited basis but still lack confidence or feel you need some fine tuning, this is also for you. Come expecting a fun and educational weekend that will equip you with the confidence and skills you need to utilize manipulative techniques for your patients.


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