This was a great course to get right to the nuts and bolts of manipulation. Techniques that can be taken right from the classroom to the clinic. A great course for clinicians who have not had prior experience treating with manipulation. I loved that the group was small because of the amount of individual help and feedback I received.

Kelly Twohey-Byrne, PT

This was a great course. I am less intimidated and more confident with manipulation techniques. The format of the course was very good with hands-on training and a lot of excellent feedback from Ken.

Sonia Flores, PT

I came to the course with no prior formal training in manipulation. I now feel I am able to utilize manipulation on Monday and like the resources and videos for my regular review. This course provides a safe and effective approach to manipulation.

David Hudspeth, PT

This course was great. Great hands-on learning and time to practice skills. Great way to get the basics of manipulation. I came to the course to take away a little but now see where manipulation is very useful in my setting. GREAT JOB!

Eli Zucksworth, ATC

I came into the class worried about hurting someone. I was unsure about pressure, speed and contacts. I have more confidence and I am better prepared to utilize manipulation now.

Seth Lawrence, PT, DPT

This course was a home run for me. Ken’s method of teaching made perfect sense. I have lost my fear of cervical manipulation! If you are looking for a manipulation class, this is the course for you. I can immediately start using the techniques. The course had excellent hands-on practice and instruction.

Michael Rende, OTR

As an athletic trainer working with Division I collegiate gymnastics, I know the skills and techniques I learned in this course will be incredibly beneficial. Ken did a wonderful job giving one-on-one attention with each individual and providing creative improvisations to adapt manipulation techniques to fit specific situations. He provided a laid-back atmosphere with no pressure but lots of knowledge.

Stephanie Gross, MA, ATC

Well worth the money. Too many “instructors” regurgitate research (or try to) degrade others instead of teaching. This course is highly hands-on and relevant. Ken’s teaching style is fluid.

Peter Faletto, PT

This was a great course. I got just exactly what I was looking for. That was more confidence in cervical and correction of other techniques I was having difficulty with. The smaller class size allowed more one on one instruction. Ken taught in basic, easy to understand terms and concepts. I would highly recommend this course. Thanks, Ken!

Jeffery Thomason, PT, OCS

Great course! One of the best I’ve taken, allowing me to immediately feel comfortable with my manipulation skills on Monday. I’m excited to help some of the more difficult and challenging cases.

Aaron Knox, PT, MS

I appreciated the focus on hands-on practice of these skills. This course improved my skills considerably.


I had been performing lumbar and thoracic manipulation for years. My main goal was to learn cervical. I not only learned cervical but also how to improve the comfort and reliability of my current lumbar and thoracic manipulations. Very glad I attended this course.

Curtis Mason, DPT

Excellent manipulation course. This is the third manipulation course and it is by far the best. Lots of hands-on lab time and timely feedback from the instructor. We got right in and started doing!

D Bruce Murri, MPT, CMP

This was a great course to further the understanding and utilization of manipulation. If you are looking for a class to work on your skills from C spine to sacrum this is the perfect course for you. Great course!

K.H., PT

Great course for introducing manipulation in a step by step process.

Ryan Myhre, DPT, ATC, OCS, CSCS