This was a good review of some of the techniques I learned in school with some good variations that I can integrate into practice. I liked the thought process of the instructor.

Jonathan K Marker, MPT

Nice course. Good start to being more aware and comfortable with manipulation. Thanks Ken!


Ken did a great job discussing and demonstrating safety and manipulation. I left the course believing I can learn to perform Grade Vs in a safe manner.

Travis Stueve, MS, LAT, CSCS

Ken makes manipulation easy to learn in a fun, low-pressure environment. The techniques are versatile for any patient population. I liked the limited number of techniques so we weren’t overwhelmed with material. I liked the small group so individual feedback from the instructor was plentiful.

K. M., PT, MTC

The course was made very simple for entry-level PT’s ‘however’ if I had an advance question Dr. Bishop would answer all of them.

Nicholas Nguyen PT, DPT

This was a great intro course. Opened up a new world. Came away confident with new techniques learned. Looking forward to practicing them as well as my advanced courses to follow.

Joseph Scarcella, M.S. A.T.C

Daniel Bishop provided techniques that can easily be implemented in the clinic the next day. Very useful.

Al Casini PT

The instructor was very hands-on and plain spoken. He cut through the fluff and went to the meat of manipulation.

Charles Hollier, PT

Great introductory course for clinicians wanting to apply basic manipulative techniques—especially to the cervical spine. It allowed me to become less fearful and more confident in my ability to practice this on my own. The availability of all the resources after the course is invaluable.

James Silvestri, PT

This was a great hands-on learning experience. The instructor took the time to go around and work with each individual. He made us feel comfortable and confident with these techniques. I also appreciate the offer to help later down the road if we are having difficulty with any techniques he taught.


I’ve attended several manual therapy courses over 27 years of practice but instructor has been far superior explaining and giving valuable feedback.

R. Keith Ganey, PT, DPT, SCS, ATC

I really enjoyed this course. I truly feel more confident in my skills and manual therapy abilities.

Tiff Haub, MS, ATC

Great extra tool for patient care and management. I highly recommend this course. A must for anyone interested in spinal rehab.

John Robert Weeks

I would recommend this course if for nothing else the evaluation tips! The instructor does a great job of explaining what you are feeling or should feel along the entire spine. I feel much more comfortable with the spine in general after this course.

Dani Klein, ATC

Allows you to dive into learning spinal manipulation in a time efficient manner. Also learned advanced techniques for the entire spine.

Timothy J. Lutkins, PT