I would recommend it because it is a great addition to treatment for clinicians that are trained and confident enough to include it in their practice.

Sean Tilley, M Ed, ATC

Highly recommended for all clinicians wanting to enhance their manual therapy spine skills. I have been a clinician for over 20 years and appreciate a course that provides hands-on practice and refinement time of skills. Information can be used the next day in clinic.

Dennis A. Thomas, PT, DPT, OCS, MAA

I would strongly recommend this course to colleagues because I feel having manipulative skills will increase the clinician’s ability to incorporate additional treatment options for their patients. He was an amazing instructor. Thank you!

Evelyn Benitez-Lopez

I would recommend this course to my colleagues. It presents spinal manipulation in a great format with a great deal of instructor feedback and encouragement. The style of teaching definitely promotes confidence.

Joshua D. Williamson, MS, LAT, ATC

This course not only teaches excellent manipulative skills, it also helps one to develop a greater understanding of what it is, what it is for and what it is NOT for.

Robert W. Cox

I would definitely recommend this course because the approach to core concept principles made the techniques easier to grasp. Excellent level of knowledge and instruction from the instructor was helpful.

Heather Cramer, MS, ATC

Spinal Manipulation Level 1 was a great intro into spinal manipulation. My concerns in regards to utilizing manipulation were addressed in detail. I am excited to continue practicing these skills and incorporating them into my daily practice.

Alli Zeigel, AT

This course was great because of the small class size. Whenever I needed one on one feedback he was great at encouragement and improving my technique. I feel more confident utilizing spinal manipulation now.

Erica Albertin, ATC

I highly recommend this course! The instructor was very knowledgeable and helped me to become more confident in my skills.

E.N. Miley, ATC

I began the class lacking much manipulative experience. The instructor’s knowledge, experience, demeanor, patience and supportive/positive attitude were extremely instrumental for my ability to begin using manipulation more. His interaction with the class enabled significant hands-on practice for the entire two days. He helped every individual in the class with every single technique which also increased my confidence level. Thank you.

Jill Radzinski, ATC

This instructor is fantastic! He is REAL and down to earth but also very knowledgeable and clinically proficient. His hands-on approach is easy to learn and retain. I would recommend this course to any clinician looking for more tools to aid athletes in recovery.

Michael, J. Brobston, M Ed, LAT, ATC

This course gave me a great foundation to stand on in furthering my manipulative skills. The instructor does a GREAT job of being very realistic and transparent in his teaching approach. He greatly helped increase my confidence as a manipulator.


This course was very non-threatening. The instructor does not intimidate you with his knowledge and is extremely encouraging. He helps you understand how to use these techniques in a safe and effective manner.

M.A. M., M Ed, ATL/C

This course will give you some manipulation tools that you can immediately use your next day of practice!

Michael Ressler

The instructor is very knowledgeable in spinal manipulation. He also made the seminar comfortable, laid back and in no way made us feel inferior himself or our classmates. We spent the majority of our time in hands-on practice which was extremely beneficial in grasping the techniques. I would recommend this seminar to clinicians who want to understand and integrate manipulation into their clinical setting.

Travis Veatch, MBA-HC, ATL/C